We’re gonna lead off with that sneak peek at the cover for CRIMSON KING, because we think it’s just grand. And it works as the perfect segue into our first topic: December and January. To be more exact, our lack of coming availability during those two months, but we promise it’s for a good cause.


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FAIREST FLESH special edition cover reveal!

These posts are always so easy because the art really speaks for itself, so we’ll shut our traps and let you see the goods right… NOW

Fairest Flesh MEDIA dust jacket

We hope you are ready for a stellar novel, because that’s what you’re getting in FAIREST FLESH, the debut from K.P. Kulski.

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Sara Tantlinger returns to Strangehouse Books and it’s going to be SICK.

Sara Tantlinger’s debut poetry collection, Love For Slaughter, made quite a splash when it came out and quickly established the author in the horror and poetry circles. Little surprise (at least to us) that her next title, The Devil’s Dreamland, was not only a substantially bigger hit (and the first title we have ever released as a hardcover edition), but that the book of killer poetry went on to become a Stoker-award winner. Since then, she has been busy editing the Strangehouse Books anthology, Not All Monsters, and has seen the release of her first novella, To Be Devoured (via Unnerving).

Now, in 2020, Tantlinger and Strangehouse Books are gearing up to unleash her third collection of horror poetry!

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Liquid Status: Author Q&A

Bradley Sands’ novelette, Liquid Status, is finally here and it is a really wonderful read for fans of both Bradley and surreal literature in general.

Bradley’s previous works include Dodgeball High and Sorry I Ruined Your Orgy, and he is the creator of Rico Slade, a character that’s shown up in books and short stories, most recently in Rooster’s anthology Tall Tales With Short Cocks 5.

And if you won’t take my opinion regarding Liquid Status, then here’s what Brian Evenson had to say about it:

“This reads like what might happen if Freud and the Joker collaborated on a rewrite of Blake Butler’s There Is No Year. A weird and swerving book that nonetheless says a lot about the hidden dynamics of families.”

Read on for the Q&A with Bradley…

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