“With Pestilence on Your Breath ,” a poem from CRADLELAND OF PARASITES

We are proud to bring you another selection from Sara Tantlinger’s newest book of poetry from Strangehouse Books CRADLELAND OF PARASITES. If you would like to order a copy, please let us know via email at roosterrepublicpress@gmail.com.

With Pestilence on Your Breath

I bury my family
within muddy tombs,
watch you do the same
from across the graveyard
choked with corpses
nothing but bones
and dying grass blades
separating our burials

walk to me
through fog,
pestilence on your breath,
in your blood,
crunch skulls beneath
your heavy steps
weighted down by agony
only I understand

because there is no cure
no veil of religion
that will shield
our bodies from disease

walk to me
bring your coughs,
your fever, kiss me
with polluted lips
before we join our kin
in the dirt ocean of death

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