Kick off Fall 2021 with these beautiful colors

Good morning! What a busy weekend at the drafting table. But, time flies and the CHROMOPHOBIA (limited edition) cover was a lot of fun to work on. Let’s get right into it…

We knew the look we wanted: Rainbow Death Metal. But, as always, a good sketch serves as a guiding light. We only did one, and then went from there.

From concept to completion, we’d estimate roughly five months. Summertime interruptions kept us from being able to devote dedicated time, until recently. The concept sketch was done in early Spring. Layouts were finished in July. A nice two-week window opened up in September, and the piece was finally finished last night.

Now, this is the finished art but not the finished cover. It’ll get a bit of digital clean-up. Then, there’s the back cover to think about. Plus, see how the cover gets radically less busy at the bottom? We think that’s a good spot to throw down Sara Tantlinger’s name and “Edited by” credit. All that will come soon enough. However, until that time, this is the last you’ll be seeing of CHROMOPHOBIA’s hardcover art.

Soak it in…

So… Rainbow Death Metal. We love it. And we hope you love it, too.

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the support!

oh, and BTW:

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