Weekly Recap: Submissions; Covers; Merch; Pre-orders

A look at the last week, and some of our bigger announcements from May 2021

June is right around the corner! So close, in fact, that this is our last Friday post for the month (the seemingly never-ending month) of May. Consider this post a weekly recap and a monthly recap, as well, because we had a super busy month and it’s probably important to collect ourselves in one place, so to speak.

Anyway, here we go!

On Monday, May 24, we announced our guidelines and submission window for Bizarro Pulp Press titles in 2022. You can read that HERE. But here’s the basics for the link-averse among you:

“For the 2022 Bizarro Pulp Press roster, we are looking exclusively for material from BIPOC authors.

15K and up to 30K words. These are firm numbers.

On September 29th and 30th, you can submit a logline (25 words max) along with a three-sentence synopsis (250 words max) and manuscript word count to: roosterrepublicpress@gmail.com”

Midweek, we posted two new pre-made covers, one of which was snatched up within minutes of posting. And we don’t know if there’s something in the air, but we have fielded a ton of commission requests this week. It is a fine problem to have, frankly. But we digress! Here is a look at the moody piece “Spine” and it is still available! Priced at $100 and includes fonts/text and a kindle dimension ebook cover. We can expanded the piece to print jackets for an additional $25. Other design expansion options, like bookmarks and audio book covers, are also available.

Something else we’ve noticed over the last week or so is that folks are grabbing merch from our store, and pics are popping up here and there, and we are simply delighted.

We hope to get more pics for a post in June, but so far so good. The stuff looks great, we think.

As a matter of fact, this not-quite “soft launch” of merchandise has gone over rather well. We are definitely looking to add to the store, and we definitely plan on integrating future book releases with exclusive merchandise. Until then, feel free to peruse our SHOP page. Your support means the world to us!

Another huge announcement from us in May was CHROMOPHOBIA, the new anthology from Strangehouse Books and Sara Tantlinger, a follow-up to the Stoker-nominated NOT ALL MONSTERS. Details for manuscript guidelines and submission window can be found HERE. We expect this to be a pretty big deal, and it will be our sole release in 2022. With that in mind, we are prepping production very, very early and art for the hardcover edition is already underway. Think “black metal album cover filtered through a rainbow” and you’re on the right track. We’ve got the supplies and we’re doodling thumbnail sketches.

Now, starting next week, we plan on pushing the hardcover of Hailey Piper’s debut novel, QUEEN OF TEETH, pretty hard. There’s only a little over 4 weeks left, and then this title will no longer be available. We don’t want folks to miss out on this book, especially when the word of mouth is so strong. But we will get into that during June.

You can grab a copy here:


Queen of Teeth Gallery Image

QUEEN OF TEETH hardcover edition (U.S. residents only)

This 198-page hardcover is 6×9 and sports a dust jacket with gloss finish. Cover art and interior art are exclusive to this particular release. Only available from Rooster Republic.


And that’s that for this Friday! Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support.


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