Week in Review: Stokers; Covers; CHROMOPHOBIA print proofs

The week has been kind to us, so the blood sacrifices must be working!

Today is Friday, May 20th, 2022.

Some weeks are pretty uneventful and some weeks seem to pop off with one cool thing after another, and we are happy to say that this week has been of the latter variety!

Hailey Piper’s QUEEN OF TEETH nabbed a Stoker Award for “Superior Achievement in a First Novel” and we’d be lying if we said that didn’t put a spring in our step the last several days.

Yesterday, we posted the entire list of winners and nominees, including links to where you can purchase the work, or learn more about the artist and their projects.

We’ve had several cover commissions roll in this week, too. Some pretty big projects with big names attached, but you’ll have to wait for official announcements before we can divulge any more info. In addition to those, we’ve also posted brand new pre-mades.

And, maybe the most exciting bit of news is that we are finally getting our hands on print proofs of the CHROMOPHOBIA hardcover edition! Don Noble has seen it and given his approval. Sara Tantlinger and Nicholas Day should get their copies in the mail, today. We are so ready to start getting these books into people’s hands!

(the hardcover pre-order window is now less than six weeks, FYI)

And, will there be reviews? We are patiently waiting, oh yes we are…

All that said, we are ready for the weekend, and we hope you have a good book to read or a good movie to watch. On Monday, we will be posting some pics of the CHROMOPHOBIA print proof! See you in a couple days.

Thanks for reading and for the support and remember to… 

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