We Shall All Meet At The Mountain: Scarlett R. Algee

I met Scarlett through working with JournalStone and its imprint Bizarro Pulp Press a year or two ago (I have no idea how to keep track of time. Some folks have mentioned a calendar to help but I will just forget that, too). It became clear very shortly that she was a comrade in this whole crazy adventure we call publishing.

Not only does Scarlett have an amazing work ethic, she’s a quality editor with tons of experience, she knows how The Machines work behind the scenes of this most unholy enterprise, AND she’s also a talented writer. It has been an absolute joy working with her. She’s made what is typically a hard, thankless job a lot more tolerable.

So let’s show off her book.

You can find the book HERE.

From the book’s description:


A virtual-reality getaway stirs up latent malice. A lingering illness hides a truly monstrous malady. A young girl realizes her new stepmother is something other than human, while a dying man’s last wish bestows his ghoulish lover with the most intimate of gifts. A solitary occultist wakes to find his summoning ritual gone horribly awry, a mother’s grief leads her into a resort’s troubled past, and a teenage girl’s growing pains mark the beginning of an otherworldly change.

These and other stories await in Bleedthrough and Other Small Horrors, the debut collection of dark short fiction from Scarlett R. Algee.

Scarlett R. Algee writes, edits, crafts, and has certain ceremonial duties as a devotee of Nyarlathotep. She lives in the wilds of Tennessee with a beagle and an uncertain number of cats.

You can find more of her work here at The Wicked Library.

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