We Shall All Meet At The Mountain: Cheryl Low

Personally, I don’t know much about Cheryl, but I did get to do this cover for her. I can say this – I do a lot of art and freelance, and some jobs are out of my wheelhouse. I’ll get commissions I never thought I’d ever do artistically, but I jump in and do my best (usually after a few false starts that the author never sees). This one, however, is a subject I love to approach. 

Take a regular house and make it creepy. That’s it. Those are some of my favorites to do. 

And this one happens to be just that. Let’s take a look. 

You can find Cheryl’s book HERE.

From the book’s description:

Everybody has secrets…

For years, Benedict Lyon has been living a lie. Not even his family knows the truth he’s been keeping from the world. Only Emmeline knows his secret—and she’s dead.

…some are darker than others…

When the matriarch of the Lyon family passes away, Benedict is summoned home for the funeral. Emmeline urges Benedict not to go, certain that if he returns to that house, neither one of them will escape.

…but are they worth dying for?

Their presence in the family home causes the spirit of Gloria Lyon to become restless, and as the remaining members of the Lyon family attempt to put their mother to rest, long buried secrets, some deadlier than others, are unearthed. Who will survive…

The Midnight Lullaby

Cheryl Low might be a primeval entity, born from the darkness of the universe and vacationing on a forgotten island where she eats coconuts and the souls of stranded sailors.

…Or she might be a mundane human with a deep love of all things sugary, soap opera slaps, and horror flicks.

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