We Shall All Meet At The Mountain: Brian Bowyer

I can’t precisely recall when I met and started working with Brian but it’s been some time now. I’ve done quite a few covers with him but today we’re going to focus on APOCALYPSE.

I do not want to rant about how much I adore a simple color scheme, especially when it’s red, white, and black. It’s a holy trinity for me. Plus, I love apocalyptic fiction. Can’t get enough of it. It’s probably a problem. All scratches have been itched at least. 

A n y w a y.

A consummate professional, a novelist and poet, Brian has been a great client to work with.

And now, one of my favorite covers.

You can order the book here and find more on Brian Bowyer HERE.

From the book’s description – “A biotech company develops a phone that’s implanted in human flesh. After SkinTech releases the DermaPhone 2, half the people on Earth who get the upgrade become homicidal maniacs. The world descends into chaos. There is murder on the streets in every city, and no one trusts anyone anymore. Even the people who don’t become homicidal are viewed as either potential mass murderers or unidentified serial killers by everyone else. When survivors take refuge at a compound on Lake Tahoe, they encounter something worse than the DermaPhone maniacs running amok in the outside world.”

Brian Bowyer has been writing stories and music for most of his life. He has lived throughout the United States. He has worked as a janitor, a banker, a bartender, a bouncer, and a bomb maker for a coal-testing laboratory. He currently lives and writes in Ohio. You can contact him at brian.bowyer@hotmail.com.

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