We Shall All Meet At The Mountain: Brian Barr

Every two weeks we do a spotlight on authors and clients we’ve worked with. This week, we’d like to introduce Brian Barr. 

An author, comic book writer, artist, and musician, I can’t help to feel a bit of kinship. Those are all quality tastes to have. Why? Because those are also all the things I enjoy. Like, I play music and love all those things. Comics are literally the thing that led me to reading literature and writing novels. They taught me the fundamentals of storytelling and art. Cover art straight up became my job.  I haven’t written for comics outside of middle school so I’m super jealous. Wtf this guy does everything. 

So, I’m really honored to have one of my works alongside his. He also doesn’t know that he shared a song on Facebook once from The Whispers (Rock Steady) that took me through a nostalgic childhood flashback and claimed a favored spot in my work routine soundtrack. That song is so goddamn good.  

Anyway, Brian is great and let’s take a look at his book.

You can find Brian’s book HERE.

From the book’s description:

Brian Barr’s King in Yellow collection explores the KIY mythos of Robert W. Chambers in four stories. Mixing occult horror and science fiction, these tales follow scholars, magicians, astronauts, and scientists as they encounter the terrifying mysteries of Carcosa and its malevolent pallid monarch.

Brian Barr is an American author. Brian has been published in various short story anthologies and magazines, including New Realm, Nebula Rift, Under the Bed, Queer Sci Fi’s Discovery, NonBinary Review, Dark Chapter Press’s Kill for a Copy, and Mantid Magazine. Brian collaborates with another writer, Chuck Amadori, on the supernatural dark fantasy noir comic book series Empress, along with Sullivan Suad and Geraldo Filho. His first novel, Carolina Daemonic, Book 1: Confederate Shadows, was published by J. Ellington Ashton Press in 2015. His second novel is Psychological Revenge: The First Super Inc. Novel. His short story collection, Daemensions, is also available on Amazon.

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