We Sent Out A Book Contract Today; CHROMOPHOBIA Still Needs Submissions; Nobody Trusts Anybody Now; And We’re All Very Tired

We never sleep!

“When to vague and when not to vague, that is the question.” -Shakespeare, probably

Here we are, and it is already crawling up to the middle of August. Didn’t August start, like, yesterday? Time is meaningless. Until it isn’t.

Yes, we have sent out a publishing contract. Similar to when authors send out manuscripts, sending out a contract (believe it or not) can be an anxious endeavor for publishers. Writers wait. Publishers wait. Everyone waits in this industry, until everything happens all at once. Obnoxious, but that is how this giant mess works.

Meanwhile, one half of Rooster Republic is looking at a somewhat unexpected move, so things may be a little come and go. But, most of us have these newfangled pocket computers, so things shouldn’t get too rocky going forward. Happily, much of this late summer and fall should be relegated to reading and/or editing, barring some production work, but that’s all happening currently.

Lots of anticipation for CHROMOPHOBIA. Judging by the Gmail inbox, we ought to have a gazillion submissions by the end of the month. OK, maybe not a gazillion… but pretty close!

Because of the previously mentioned move, the timetable for the artwork is a bit up in the air, but we still feel like we will have some stuff to show off well before the end of the year. As always, we just hope readers like what they see!

Don’t forget to pick up Hailey Piper’s newest, QUEEN OF TEETH via this LINK

Kindle pre-orders are still live HERE.

And that’s that for this Monday post. Thanks for checking in.

And we would feel silly if we didn’t remind you to…

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