Update for 2021 Strangehouse and Rooster Titles. Also, Thank God 2020 is Over. What Even Was That Shit?!

Happiest New Year to you, dear reader. Glad to have you with us! Last year was a bit nuts, and though we are sure that 2021 will have its own nasty surprises, here’s hoping the year gives everyone a shot in the arm of positivity (and a real shot in the arm of vaccine). Regardless, we have no intention of slowing our particular roll, and that means stepping up our production-side of things. Namely, our special editions, which we formally introduced in 2020.

Our 2020 hardcovers were pretty popular, and we will continue offering hardcovers in 2021. However, we fielded some interesting requests, and after brainstorming a little bit, we’ve decided to offer “deluxe” editions of our hardcover releases. These will include, at a minimum, a numbered hardcover featuring foil designs, housed in a custom slipcase and/or box, with a small art print signed by author and artist(s). Additional swag will include a sticker and an exclusive die-cut bookmark. Now, there is a lot of R&D going on right now, but here’s a look at some test-run prototypes:

foil prototype

And an idea of what the art print and sticker might look like:

Prototype pic

And, in addition to the previously mentioned items, we will be including our 2×3.5″ READ HORROR bookmark

Read Horror bookmark

We want to really knock this stuff out of the park, and we plan on doing just that without blowing up the price too much. However, these will require a TON of work, so expect that these books will be extremely limited. In 2021, we don’t plan on offering any more than 15 copies of any one particular deluxe edition. If these sell incredibly fast and there is a lot of noise, then we may bump up the number produced, but that is a BIG if. Again, we are a very, very small team, but we really do love getting cool shit into people’s hands.

Which leads us to pre-orders! Originally, we planned on taking pre-orders for QUEEN OF TEETH, PULP TRASH, and OCTOBER ANIMALS as early as January 1st, but we have decided to push the pre-order date for these three titles to March 1st, because we want to be able to really show off everything we are planning to do (and include) with these titles. We are currently busting our buns on production art for all three, and will have so much more to show off over the next 2-3 months. But, like last year, our goal is to produce beautiful-looking books. And, frankly, we will!

Meanwhile, Bizarro Pulp Press production is pretty much wrapped on our end. Titles are being handed off to Journalstone, and they’ll be taking it from here. We are still planning on showing off all four of these titles throughout the month of February, and plan on showcasing cover art and snippets of each book, maybe more! It really depends on how January treats us.

That said, we have hit the ground running. We hope you like what you are seeing, and we plan on keeping you in the loop through these winter months, as we refine and finalize our designs for these deluxe editions.

One final note: FAIREST FLESH gets a very nice review in the newest issue of RUE MORGUE Magazine! Check it out, check it out, check it out!

That’s all for this week, folks. Thanks for reading.



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