The End Of The Year Book Cover Sale Is Almost Over

Well, the new year is almost here, and we started this sale in October on a whim as a big thank you to the writing community. I feel like I’ve been beating this drum endlessly every week, for a sale that seems to have gone on forever, but every week a new client will come in and want to purchase a Tier One cover. I think, “Oh cool, someone saw the article.” I’ll tell them that it’s on a huge sale and they have no idea, and they just saved a good chunk of change. Good stuff, that. Wholesome. But also, that means that while the articles definitely reach some folks, there is a vast ocean of people out there that aren’t being reached. So here goes!


Everything in the Tier One section of premade covers is just $25 until December 31st of 2021. TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS. WHAT? That’s right!

We wanted to do something nice.

So, anything in the Tier One section (Found HERE) is just $25 for the image only – the image will come as a hi-rez file set at whatever print dimensions you need (5×8 inch or 6×9 inch etc. etc.) and a complimentary kindle dimension file as well. Keep in mind, this is the image only, if you need other services like text or jackets, those services are available and priced below.

Need fonts/text for the cover? $25.
Need a full print wrap/jacket? $25.
Audiobook cover? $25

Email us at if you have any questions.

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