Commission Complete: Brian Bowyer’s APOCALYPSE

A recent commission for Brian Bowyer’s upcoming horror novel APOCALYPSE. I do believe it is set for release in January but if you’d like to find more on Brian and his work, you can check HERE. You can also find him on twitter here @BrianBowyer1.

I grew up loving apocalyptic films and literature, films like the original Dawn of the Dead, the Max Max movies, Cyborg, and the Deathland series were constant in rotation, so when Brian shot me an email describing his new book, I just thought-


Don Noble is an artist and writer for Rooster Republic Press. He is the author of Beer Run of the Dead and Scary Fucking Stories, an animator, and is still pretty new to twitter. You can find him at-

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New Premade Covers! Cthulhu and Vintage pieces

Two new pieces from the past few days. After doing some Freddy and Jason fan art, I kinda figured I’d tackle another horror icon with H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu. The second piece has a quasi-vintage feel, and both, noticeably, are a bit on the green side. Maybe because there’s almost a foot of snow outside and I long for wearing shorts and smoking a cigarette on the porch without freezing to death. Anyway, enjoy! Both pieces are available.

All premade covers are $100 via paypal, $25 extra to expand them to print jackets. Custom covers start at $150. Always feel free to email us at and for more info and covers navigate to our Design Services tab or click HERE.


Don Noble is an artist and writer for Rooster Republic Press. He is the author of Beer Run of the Dead and Scary Fucking Stories, an animator, and is still pretty new to twitter. You can find him at-

Or email us at

Freddy Vs Jason (Kinda) Fan Art

My business partner and good pal Nicholas Day (author of Grind Your Bones To Dust) suggested that maybe I should try out some horror fan art. I’d been talking about getting back to more painting since a lot of my work tends to involve graphic design or composites, and I’ve had an itch to return back to the basics to sharpen some skills.

So he sends me a sketch of Freddy Krueger (Nick is also quite the artist himself) and now here we are.

The version on the right was the original finished copy but I couldn’t stop dicking with it. And since this wasn’t for a commercial project, I mean why not dick with it?

I still can’t decide which one I like better. But still, I couldn’t stop myself from doing a minimal color palette.

So we moved onto Jason Voorhees.

As you can see on the right, I have a sort of love affair with black, red, and white. Looking through our catalog of premade covers, you’ll probably see quite a few of them near that color scheme. I have to consciously stop myself and change direction on nearly everything I do because I love that aesthetic. I really, really like it. I like it a lot.

Minimalist pieces, duo-tones, and monochrome really speaks to me, that’s my jam, my bread and butter, but that’s exactly why I wanted to get back into painting, to try and break that habit and expand things a bit.

At the moment, I’m pretty pleased as to how they turned out and we’ve had some requests for prints but we’ll have to discuss that. For now, enjoy the fan art and feel free to contact us at if you’d like something custom, be it for a book cover or any old thing you might want to hang in your house. Also, check out our Design Services HERE and scroll through to see how we can help with your projects. There are quite a few premades available right now, and we are always open to commissions.

Don Noble is an artist and writer for Rooster Republic Press. He is the author of Beer Run of the Dead and Scary Fucking Stories, an animator, and is still pretty new to twitter and instagram. You can find him at-

Or email us at


Commission Complete: Sam Richard and Nihilism Revised

I’ve been able to work with Sam a bit before (he’s a great dude), but last week he approached me with an idea for his new book through NihilismRevised that I could not ignore.  There was beauty in the simplicity of it, and being a fan of minimalism, I jumped at it. It was also my first chance to work with S.C. Burke, the head of NihilismRevised, and it wasn’t only smooth, but a joy to put the cover and jacket together. I don’t think the full image of the jacket has been released yet, but if you love horror and transgressive fiction, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on these guys.

To find Sam Richard: Twitter @SammyTotep

And for NihilismRevised: Facebook

Don Noble is an artist and writer for Rooster Republic Press. He is the author of Beer Run of the Dead and Scary Fucking Stories, an animator, and is still pretty new to twitter. You can him at-


Someone Shot the Hip, Young Conductor

We are very proud to announce Matthew Sunrich’s debut collection Someone Shot the Hip Young Conductor (available on amazon here).

An ode to existential irreverence, absurdity, and surreal, Someone Shot the Hip Young Conductor is filled with Kafka-esque scenarios: universes collide; skeletons play jazz with gorillas; one-armed gravediggers; extremely courteous vampires; trains that wake the dead.

And, of course, Picasso’s painting of Frankenstein’s monster.

19 stories that range from the bizarre to the extremely bizarre, brimming with dark humor and grotesque originality and just a dash of melancholy.

Matthew Stephen Sunrich is a professional organization enthusiast who has cleared out a space of approximately ten square feet to call his own in rural northwest Georgia. He enjoys comic books, sword and sorcery and horror literature, categorizing things for no apparent reason, and dreaming about Jonathan Winters as an antiquing centaur. His inspirations include Monty Python, They Might Be Giants, Richard Brautigan, and H. P. Lovecraft. He has contributed stories to The Strange Edge and The Modern Monarchist and essays to two Star Wars anthologies put out by Sequart. He has also published a book about the fantasy heroine Red Sonja. He is currently collaborating on a sword-and-sorcery novel and is considering writing a book about horror icon Vampirella. His first crush was Smufette.


Rooster Republic’s Future (not scary)

Well, it looks like we have some books coming your way. Let’s talk about ‘em!

The next release coming down the pipe is Christoph Paul’s eagerly-awaited poetry collection, At Least I Get You < In My Art. That’ll drop right at the end of July. It’s the first of two poetry releases we have planned for 2018.

Next, we have Matthew Stephen Sunrich’s short collection, Someone Shot The Hip, Young Conductor. This one is a turn towards the humorous and the absurd. It should go live in August.

September has two releases planned: Charles Austin Muir’s Bodybuilding Spider Rangers and Other Stories; Sara Tantlinger’s The Devil’s Dreamland, poetry inspired by H.H. Holmes.

And that leaves us with October. Michael Allen Rose’s Rock & Roll Death Patrol should go live in our spookiest month. The novel is a tongue-in-cheek, comic-book-style adventure that reimagines groups like the Justice League and/or Avengers as literal rock ‘n’ roll stars; takes the idea of the rock “supergroup” to another level.

And then there is The Full Howie.

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G. Arthur Brown Joins Rooster as Head Editor

Art by Jarvis Chickpea

The proceeding is an interview with the supposed G. Arthur Brown. 

First, feel free to give a little background on yourself and your own written work.

I started writing absurd proto-Bizarro fiction long ago (c. 1996), before it had a name or I knew there was a market for it. This was also before I knew there were quasi-popular writers like Mark Leyner or Donald Barthelme or Thomas Pynchon who just didn’t give a rat’s ass about the conventions of popular fiction, and before I’d read any Kafka. So I gave up on writing for a long time, not picking it up again until about 2007, with the added advantage of having now read Borges, Burroughs, and Ionesco, as well as having seen many bizarre and highly inspirational films, such as Cemetery Man, Mulholland Drive, Schizopolis, Naked Lunch, and Dead Alive. Then, I stumbled upon the Bizarro community and the rest is history.

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