Update for 2021 Strangehouse and Rooster Titles. Also, Thank God 2020 is Over. What Even Was That Shit?!

Happiest New Year to you, dear reader. Glad to have you with us! Last year was a bit nuts, and though we are sure that 2021 will have its own nasty surprises, here’s hoping the year gives everyone a shot in the arm of positivity (and a real shot in the arm of vaccine). Regardless, we have no intention of slowing our particular roll, and that means stepping up our production-side of things. Namely, our special editions, which we formally introduced in 2020.

Our 2020 hardcovers were pretty popular, and we will continue offering hardcovers in 2021. However, we fielded some interesting requests, and after brainstorming a little bit, we’ve decided to offer “deluxe” editions of our hardcover releases. These will include, at a minimum, a numbered hardcover featuring foil designs, housed in a custom slipcase and/or box, with a small art print signed by author and artist(s). Additional swag will include a sticker and an exclusive die-cut bookmark. Now, there is a lot of R&D going on right now, but here’s a look at some test-run prototypes:

foil prototype

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Want to know who we’ve signed for 2021? We’ve talked about a couple titles in previous articles, but next year is Don Noble and Nicholas Day’s 5-year anniversary of owning and operating Rooster Republic, so we are releasing a complete collection of Don Noble’s short works, which will include original art and an original novella, as well as the finished, full text of TRAILER TRASH SAMURAI (portions of which have been previously anthologized). In addition to this, we will be releasing OCTOBER ANIMALS, a new novella from Nicholas Day. Both of these will be limited releases, and will have a pre-order window during summer 2021.

Hailey Piper (whose latest, THE WORM AND HIS KINGS, is available for pre-order from Off Limits Press) has signed on to release a new horror novel through Strangehouse Books, and this is one hell of a manuscript. We are tempted to call the book “Cronenbergian” but we aren’t sure that really does the story justice. It’s more than that. This book will knock yer socks off. It’ll be getting the hardcover treatment, as well, and we’ll have further announcements over the next couple of months. But, go ahead and get excited.