Cover Reveal for NOT ALL MONSTERS

Ok, we will keep this post short and sweet because we know you’re just here for the good stuff and not our rambling. After a little back-and-forth over the weekend, a front cover was finalized for the upcoming Strangehouse anthology, Not All Monsters. We like it, and we hope you like it, too!

Check it out:

Not All Monsters v2

We won’t have a full wraparound until the interior is finished, which will be awhile as the individual stories are still going through edits, but we wanted to share this with you.

Hope you’re looking forward to the book!



HE IS NO MAN a Free Short Film

I ended up meeting the folks at Running Scared Motion Pictures through Josh Deforge in a writer’s backroom on Facebook. He’d just put out his first short film and was looking for a writer/writers to team up with to help create more content.

The opening camera work was enough to tell me that there was some actual talent in their crew, so I jumped on the opportunity and sent over some short stories from my first collection. I knew we’d be on a shoestring budget, so we talked for some time about what we could get away with. Eventually, that became this short film HE IS NO MAN.

I’m very honored to have had the chance to make something with them. I cannot wait to see where this team goes.

And now for the movie.

-Don Noble

Strangehouse Books seeks women writers for horror anthology ‘Not All Monsters’


NOT ALL MONSTERS: an anthology

This anthology will be edited by Sara Tantlinger and released by Strangehouse Books in the fall of 2020.

From the editor:

“There are monsters in every woman’s life. And while maybe not ALL monsters are so bad, I want you to tell me about the dark and twisted ones. Give me protagonists who take no shit. Show me women who save themselves. Does the hero slay the beast, or is she the monster? All types of monsters, protagonists, and antagonists are welcome here. I am looking for speculative fiction containing strong prose with character-driven stories that convey powerful messages. I am particularly drawn to the beautiful grotesque, gothic elements, the macabre, and poetic prose, but I welcome all well-crafted stories to be submitted.”

All writers who identify as women are welcome to submit.

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