Here’s a look at the full wrap for Andrew J. Stone’s (ALL HAIL THE HOUSE GODS and THE MORTUARY MONSTER) newest book, THE ULTIMATE DINOSAUR DANCE-OFF, coming next month from Journalstone and Bizarro Pulp Press.

Check it oooooout:

Adobe Photoshop PDF

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Karl Fischer’s LEVELS and a call for titles to be included in the 2021 Bizarro Pulp Press lineup

We don’t talk nearly enough about our collaborative work with Journalstone, specifically in regards to their imprint, Bizarro Pulp Press. We acquire titles and run production for these books, 4-to-6 titles per year, for release under Journalstone’s “Bizarro” outfit. We do this because we love the genre and we love the imprint. Our goal is simple: good books.

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MY BFF SATAN: Commission Complete

Kyle Rader has been a blast to work with, not only because I have a thing for the satanic panic era but just because of the approach of the book itself – a heart warming comedy from what I understand. Plus, he’s just easy to get along with and the project went smooth as hell. We ended up doing a minimalist approach for the cover, and when he brought up the idea of a doing a book trailer, I knew I had to try to match the cover to the animation. It made the project even more fun.

Ok, less talky more showy. Check out the trailer! And I do believe the book will out around January?

Don Noble is an artist and writer for Rooster Republic Press. He is the author of Beer Run of the Dead and Scary Fucking Stories, an animator, and is still pretty new to twitter. You can find him at-

Or email us at roosterrepublicpress@gmail.com

Rooster Republic’s Future (not scary)

Well, it looks like we have some books coming your way. Let’s talk about ‘em!

The next release coming down the pipe is Christoph Paul’s eagerly-awaited poetry collection, At Least I Get You < In My Art. That’ll drop right at the end of July. It’s the first of two poetry releases we have planned for 2018.

Next, we have Matthew Stephen Sunrich’s short collection, Someone Shot The Hip, Young Conductor. This one is a turn towards the humorous and the absurd. It should go live in August.

September has two releases planned: Charles Austin Muir’s Bodybuilding Spider Rangers and Other Stories; Sara Tantlinger’s The Devil’s Dreamland, poetry inspired by H.H. Holmes.

And that leaves us with October. Michael Allen Rose’s Rock & Roll Death Patrol should go live in our spookiest month. The novel is a tongue-in-cheek, comic-book-style adventure that reimagines groups like the Justice League and/or Avengers as literal rock ‘n’ roll stars; takes the idea of the rock “supergroup” to another level.

And then there is The Full Howie.

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G. Arthur Brown Joins Rooster as Head Editor

Art by Jarvis Chickpea

The proceeding is an interview with the supposed G. Arthur Brown. 

First, feel free to give a little background on yourself and your own written work.

I started writing absurd proto-Bizarro fiction long ago (c. 1996), before it had a name or I knew there was a market for it. This was also before I knew there were quasi-popular writers like Mark Leyner or Donald Barthelme or Thomas Pynchon who just didn’t give a rat’s ass about the conventions of popular fiction, and before I’d read any Kafka. So I gave up on writing for a long time, not picking it up again until about 2007, with the added advantage of having now read Borges, Burroughs, and Ionesco, as well as having seen many bizarre and highly inspirational films, such as Cemetery Man, Mulholland Drive, Schizopolis, Naked Lunch, and Dead Alive. Then, I stumbled upon the Bizarro community and the rest is history.

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Printers Row, or Being Weird in Broad Daylight

From left to right: John Bruni, D.F. Noble, MP Johnson, Michael Allen Rose, and Sauda Namir.

It was a last minute kind of gig for us. Michael Allen Rose (we met in a bathroom at BizarroCon and quickly became friends shortly after) invited us up to this show in Chicago. Last year, several of the presses in the Bizarro community had teamed up to showcase their books at Printers Row, and since Nick and I were now carrying the torch for Rooster Republic Press, we figured it’d be a good idea to represent. Right there on the street. In broad daylight.

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