One of Horror's biggest platforms gives some love to the upcoming indie release.

The end of another grueling week! Ever onwards and upwards, here at Rooster HQ, where we are constantly working on freelance projects, sharpening our tools, hunting the wooly mammoth. You know, publisher stuff.

Per the headline, we are happy to report that none other than RUE MORGUE will be featuring a review of QUEEN OF TEETH in an upcoming issue! Exciting for a little publisher, and surely exciting for author Hailey Piper. Publishing is hard work. Writing is hard work. We try to celebrate when and where we can.

So, congratulations are in order for Hailey Piper and her debut novel!

Now, we do not know exactly when this review will see print, but we have been fortunate enough to read said review. And here, for your curiosity, is a tasty blurb:

“…one of the best horror books of 2021.”—Rue Morgue
How about that!? Two wonderful reviews for a rather wonderful book. These blurbs are going on the front cover of the trade paperback. You can be sure of that!
And, you can be sure that there will be more of these over the coming weeks and months. Remember, the trade paperback release isn’t until November. QUEEN OF TEETH will continue to make the rounds until then, snatching up reviews, blurbs from authors, and that coveted “word of mouth” from social media.
On the other hand, the pre-order window for the QUEEN OF TEETH hardcover edition is quickly coming to a close! No further orders will be taken after June 30th, and that’s only NINETEEN DAYS away. Less than two weeks, folks.
Deluxe editions will begin shipping this weekend. The standard hardcover will start arriving in July.
Thanks for reading, and thanks for the support!
And if you want to grab a hardcover before they are gone…


Queen of Teeth Gallery Image

QUEEN OF TEETH hardcover edition (U.S. residents only)

“A powerful, beautiful horror story.”—Kirkus Reviews “…one of the best horror books of 2021.”—Rue Morgue This 198-page hardcover is 6×9 and sports a dust jacket with gloss finish. Cover art and interior art are exclusive to this particular release. Only available from Rooster Republic.


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