RoosterVision: Top5s (YouTube)

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…an ongoing series of articles spotlighting movies, music, art, comics, and other assorted media that we at Rooster Republic Press find ourselves enjoying. Once a week, on Thursdays, we will showcase new and old works and, hopefully, help spread the word on great stuff you might otherwise miss out on.

RoosterVision was previously the name of our non-fiction imprint, and since those titles and that line of books are no longer, we have decided to resurrect RoosterVision for the purpose of this showcase. Enjoy!

We love some good audio production, here at Rooster Republic. And, truthfully, some of the best audio/visual production happening in the indie horror scene is happening over on YouTube. For our money, you’d be hard pressed to find a better channel than Top5s.

And let’s not beat around the bush, one of the most crucial aspects of nailing good audio production is a good voice. We don’t know who narrates these videos, but their dulcet tones are easy on the ears. No strain, no over-the-top inflection, just smooth narration. Often, these videos sound like stories being told next to a fire. No finer way to be creeped out, in our book.

And when these videos are creepy? YIKES. This is the stuff goosebumps and shivers were made for. Put on one of Top5s’s videos at, say, 2am and just sit there and soak up all that delicious macabre.

We’ve been fans for years, now. And since 2014, Top5s has grown and grown. Nearly 3.5 million subscribers, people from all over the world, tune in to this creepfest. And as the Top5s audience has grown, so has the channel’s production capabilities. Not content with offering top-shelf paranormal content, Top5s has dove into True Crime and Mystery, History and Fact videos. The channel has even churned out some solid documentaries that go way beyond what they are offering week to week on YouTube.

We give Top5s our highest recommendation, especially if you’re looking for good audio/video horror content. Check them out! And if you really, really like what they are doing, then you can become a Patreon member HERE.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get spooked out, and remember to…

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