RoosterVision is now live on Amazon!


The first entry in our RoosterVision series is now live on Amazon in print and on Kindle.

Rooster is dipping into the world of non-fiction this year, and we hope you join us for this new endeavor. We’ve got some really cool titles lined up!

Andrew Hook (his website) takes a look at the surreal, 1962 masterpiece THE EXTERMINATING ANGEL (an essential viewing for a professed film lover) and even if you’ve never seen the film before, perhaps Hook will convince you to give it a try.

Read on for a look at the cover!

From the Amazon page:

“The Exterminating Angel is the first in the RoosterVision series, which presents personal analysis alongside critical discussion of films that have had everlasting impacts on authors and their work. Luis Buñuel’s masterpiece, The Exterminating Angel, which he co-wrote and directed, is a dark, surrealist satire.

When guests arrives for a dinner party at a lavish home, they soon discover that they cannot leave, and slowly give way to violent and carnal impulses. Burned furniture, murder, and witchcraft were never supposed to be on the evening’s agenda…”




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