Rooster Republic looks at the already bloated corpse of 2019 and pokes it with a stick

I won’t bury the lede, folks:


And… we are just fine with that!

This is by design. We already have titles lined up for 2020, including Sara Tantlinger’s all-women horror anthology, Not All Monsters, and Andrew James Stone’s new book, The Ultimate Dinosaur Dance Off. We’ve fielded queries from authors interested in placing titles as far out as 2021. And, going forward (I’ve mentioned this previously), Rooster Republic, et al, will release no more than four books in a calendar year. This will give us plenty of time to devote to each individual title, as well as keep us from losing our collective minds.

But, allow me some backtracking…

Don Noble and Nicholas Day agreed to take over Rooster Republic and its imprints back in 2015. We became owners, officially, in the fall of 2016, so we are just beyond our two-year anniversary as publishers. We set out to accomplish a lot, and we did.

Let’s survey Rooster and Strangehouse titles we’ve released up to this point:

1. Petroleum Precinct: Grudge Punk 2

2. Mondo Bizarro: an anthology

3. Zoonami

4. Charge Land

5. NoFace

6. Tall Tales with Short Cocks vol. 5

7. The Mortuary Monster

8. Archelon Ranch

9. Turdmummy

10. Bad Hotel

11. Liquid Status

12. 4 Rooms in a Semi-detached House

13. Sorry, Wrong Country

14. Love For Slaughter

15. And Jesus Came Back

16. John Wayne Lied to You

17. Prom Night on the River of Death

18. The Long Night of the Eternal Korean War

19. Under the Shanghai Tunnels: and Other Weird Tales

20. Flesh Made World

21. Blood

22. All Hail the House Gods

23. At Least I Get You < In My Art

24. Someone Shot the Hip Young Conductor

25. Body Building Spider Rangers: and Other Stories

26. The Devil’s Dreamland: Poetry Inspired by H.H. Holmes

27. The Full Howie: an Illustrated Screenplay

28. Rock and Roll Death Patrol

…and then, there was our little non-fiction experiment, RoosterVision:

29. Bunuel’s The Exterminating Angel: a personal analysis

30. Laugier’s Martyrs: a personal analysis

31. Leder’s IT!: a personal analysis

32. Notes from the Wounded Rooms

33. What You Bring

…and, let’s not forget the experiment in weird erotica, New Kink Books:

34. Dong of Frankenstein

35. Porn Star Retirement Plan

36. Fox News Fuck Fest

37. Strange Sex 3

38. Live Action Hentai

39. Sex Bear: The Legend Continues

40. Pounded by a Pound Sign

41. Shoggoth Butt Invasion

42. Mythic Lust: The Minotaur

43. Zombie Lovers Anonymous

44. Sex Bear: The Choad Warrior

45. Sexual Avenger: Dong of Justice

46. Taken Hard at the Magical Time Travel Sex Resort

47. Mortal Kumbat

48. Crust

49. Sex Fighter Turbo

50. Nekromantic 3

That is a helluva list of books for two years and change, if I do say so, myself. And this is only what we released through Rooster and its imprints. This list does not include the numerous titles we worked on for other publishers and authors during this period of time. If we included all of those titles, the number would bounce up to ~100 pretty quickly.

All of this to say… we’ve kept busy. Too busy. But we built a nice break into our initial 5-year plan for Rooster Republic, and here we are.

2019 will also be busy, for sure, just not due to new releases. We are pushing forward with our freelance work and art projects. There are games nearing the end of development that need our attention. We have plans for video projects, in the spring. And there is still much talk and negotiation for a feature film project. This is to say nothing of our behind-the-scenes production work for Rooster, in general. And, of course, we will be working on 2020’s new titles through 2019.

So, yes, there will be no new books, but there will be a whole hell of a lot of everything else. We still plan on being pretty visible through the year, and we definitely want to spotlight titles that folks slept on. We will be making an appearance at StokerCon, in May. At least one of us will be attending Scares That Care, in August. If I were a betting man, I’d wager we show up to at least one or two more events, like BizarroCon.

Until then, January is allowing us to adjust to a lighter schedule, and to prep for the year’s oncoming workload. Don is focusing a lot of effort into freelance art, design, and layout. Nicholas has several new titles releasing between now and summer, and is still taking on art commissions. Plus, there’s a multitude of projects that we simply cannot talk about at this time.

Today is only January 6th, but the whole year has already been spoken for, in terms of work. We’ve elected to bite into some time-consuming projects. What comes of it is all that remains to be seen.

Personally, I think we have some pretty cool shit coming down the proverbial pipeline.


(and Happy New Year)

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