Reminder: QUEEN OF TEETH Hardcover Pre-orders Available Until June 30th

June 30th is now less than 2 months away! After that, the only way to grab a QUEEN OF TEETH hardcover will be on the secondary market, and maybe at the occasional convention we attend (and we don’t do a lot of shows). For those of you who have already ordered, we wanted to say thanks!

Regular editions will begin shipping to customers in July. And if you are one of the lucky 15 who grabbed a deluxe edition, know that we are putting together those packages over the next few weeks and hope to be shipping them by the end of May. And today, we are sending out the signature sheets to be signed by Hailey Piper!

If we didn’t keep the original illustration separate from these, we’d be hard pressed to tell the difference. Each signature sheet was printed in-house from a hi-res file and is, essentially, an exact replica of the original illustration. Once these are signed and returned, they will be numbered and stamped and kept with their respective book. Stickers have been made, as have the die-cut bookmarks. Right now, we are assembling the slipcases, and expect that to take another week or two, and we will share pics of those in the coming weeks. We are still floored by the response to the deluxe editions, frankly, and couldn’t be more appreciative of the support.

There will be much more to share over the next few months: reviews; blurbs; cover reveal for trade paperback. QUEEN OF TEETH will be very visible for the rest of the year and we expect the title to carry quite a bit of word-of-mouth. This is such a wonderful debut novel, parts body horror and love story, conspiracy turned kaiju nightmare, an all-around horror epic that’s gay as fuck.

In the meantime, you can get a taste for Piper’s work through her new short-story collection, UNFORTUNATE ELEMENTS OF MY ANATOMY, published by The Seventh Terrace. Check it out!

And if you like what you’re reading then be sure to pre-order QUEEN OF TEETH!

And that is that for today, readers.

Next week, we will be talking about submissions for 2022’s Bizarro Pulp Press roster, there will be new pre-made covers to share, and more about QUEEN OF TEETH.

(and maybe grab one of these super lovely QUEEN OF TEETH stickers)


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