QUEEN OF TEETH Update, Making Better Use of Our Site, and Future Projects

Tomorrow is the first day of June and that means two things:

  1. It’s finally going to be summer.
  2. Hardcover pre-orders for QUEEN OF TEETH are ending.

Number one is pretty nice, especially after what feels like the longest winter ever. Number two could be pretty nice, but only if you’ve reserved a copy of the book! And, seeing as how we are in the home stretch, expect us to get louder and louder about QUEEN OF TEETH over the next several weeks.

Scroll to the bottom of this article to order your copy!

We expect to begin placing orders soon, and folks who have secured their hardcovers should see these books arriving throughout July and August. Deluxe editions are just about ready to go out, but we hit a snag with USPS, and now the deluxe editions will be going out about a week and change later than we wanted. Sorry about that!

Speaking of the deluxe editions, we have to say that we are pretty happy with how these have turned out. Perhaps a bit more intensive than we had hoped, as projects go, but well worth the effort. As always, we look forward to seeing/hearing what readers think of these sets. On Monday, June 7th, we will post an article here on the site that shows off the deluxe, talking about the process and what that kind of production is like to undertake.

And, since we are on the topic of process and production, you may (or may not) have noticed that we are taking a concerted effort to improve our website. A total makeover and new features debuted at the beginning of the month. And, we have slowly integrated a routine of posting articles regularly throughout the week, and we have seen quite a positive response over the month of May. Our “unique visitor” count and “views” have grown a lot, and we would like to see those numbers increase! So, starting this week, we will be posting articles every day of the week. These won’t always be Rooster Republic-centric posts, either, but spotlights on fellow authors and artists, music and movies and art currently getting us through the day, and more interactive stuff like writing prompts. We talk about ourselves quite enough, thanks.

Meanwhile, we still have a busy 2021 ahead of us! Don Noble is working on his art and short-story collection, OMENS (previously PULP TRASH), while Nicholas Day continues work on OCTOBER ANIMALS. We are still looking at a Fall 2021 release for these titles. And, there’s still the coming trade paperback release of Hailey Piper’s QUEEN OF TEETH. Will there be a pre-order for this trade paperback? Sure looks like that will be the case! We hope to offer this title for an incredibly generous price before its release in early November. We’ll cough up details about that pre-order at a later date.

Finally, work on CHROMOPHOBIA begins, this week. The hardcover art is being plotted and layouts could begin before the weekend. The hardcover release will also contain 7 interior illustrations. We don’t know when we will start showing off this stuff, but surely there will be a sneak peek or two before the end of the year.

And that’s not all! We have plans, we’re working and brainstorming all the time, but these things will have to exist only as vague allusions, for now…

Thanks for reading!



Queen of Teeth Gallery Image

QUEEN OF TEETH hardcover edition (U.S. residents only)

This 198-page hardcover is 6×9 and sports a dust jacket with gloss finish. Cover art and interior art are exclusive to this particular release. Only available from Rooster Republic.


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