QUEEN OF TEETH Pre-order Countdown, a Recap of the Week, and What’s Coming Up!

Special edition hardcovers, pre-made cover art, horror merch, and our upcoming all-women horror anthology!

Let’s make this short and sweet because there are weekend shenanigans to be had…

The QUEEN OF TEETH hardcover pre-order window will be closed before you know it, so if you’re interested in what will likely be one of the most talked about indie novels released in 2021, we suggest picking up a copy sooner than later. There’s about six weeks and change left and then the hardcover will be considered OUT OF PRINT.

You can pre-order your QUEEN OF TEETH hardcover at the end of this article (just saying!).

The deluxe edition (only 15 copies) of QUEEN OF TEETH sold out in less than a few hours. All the shells for the slipcases have been fabricated. The signature sheets/art print have been sent out to be signed. Decorative papers have been printed out for the finished slipcases. We expect these to be assembled and shipped by May 31st. We are terribly excited to see what readers think of this labor of love.

Meanwhile, it looks like Rooster/Strangehouse merch has begun reaching customers this week, and this stuff looks great! We plan on begging people to snap pics so we can share them on the site. But, in lieu of that, we can share this lovely pic of co-owner Nicholas Day, sporting a Rooster Republic cap. Très magnifique! Now, he can mow the yard in style!

We also posted two new pre-mades on Wednesday, and we don’t expect them to stick around for very long, so if you’re interested in grabbing one, then write us (roosterrepublicpress@gmail.com).

And that’s that for today! Next week, we will be talking about our upcoming anthology, CHROMOPHOBIA. We will be releasing the guidelines and the submission window dates, so get your calendars ready!

Don’t forget, there’s only 6 weeks left to grab your hardcover of QUEEN OF TEETH!

Queen of Teeth Gallery Image

QUEEN OF TEETH hardcover edition (U.S. residents only)

This 198-page hardcover is 6×9 and sports a dust jacket with gloss finish. Cover art and interior art are exclusive to this particular release. Only available from Rooster Republic.


See you on Monday!


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