Our body-horror baby is growing into a right nice monster

Technically, QUEEN OF TEETH doesn’t hit the six month marker till February 1st, but we don’t mind celebrating a little early! So, let’s talk about our favorite body-horror love story…

After a strong run as a limited hardcover, QUEEN OF TEETH went to trade paperback on August 1st, 2021 and Hailey Piper’s first novel-length work continues to find new readers. Reviews on Amazon were slow at first, but those have only started picking up over time. The book also continues to place within the top 100 of its categories on the ‘Zon: LGBTQ+ Horror and LGBTQ+ Science Fiction.

Meanwhile, Goodreads has outpaced Amazon in the review department, and especially if you’re looking at the ratings numbers. Users are, similar to Amazon’s, leaving a majority positive reviews. 4+ stars seem to be the norm.

We love to see it!

Speaking of reviews, the book has been warmly received by the indie-horror reviewer community, to say nothing of some of the bigger outlets who have had almost nothing to say but unanimous praise:

Cemetery Dance

Rue Morgue Magazine issue #201 (July/August 2021) 

Library Journal (a STAR review)

Kirkus Reviews

Let’s be real here, Rooster Republic Press/Strangehouse Books is about as indie as it gets. When a title reaches this level of support from readers and reviewers, it means everything to us. Not to mention, you know, being extremely important to the writer!

So, what’s next for QUEEN OF TEETH? Well… awards season is upon us, and we would be lying if we said we didn’t think Hailey Piper’s debut novel isn’t going to make some waves. We are counting on it, in fact!

And that is the kind of positivity we like heading into the weekend with.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for the support! And remember to…

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