PULP TRASH in 2021

Hello there! If you follow us on Twitter, you may have seen a promise to share images from Don Noble’s upcoming “Best of” collection, PULP TRASH. That is what this here article aims to do. Take a gander…


PULP TRASH aims to be a pretty comprehensive look at Don Noble’s short fiction, including stories, poems and novellas from numerous collections and anthologies, plus the finished version of “Trailer Trash Samurai” and a previously unpublished novella/novelette. This release also aims to be a celebration of Don’s artwork, so this special edition will be oversized at 8.5″x11″ and will contain a multitude of new artwork created exclusively for this release. Final count is still a ways off, but we estimate ~30 originals. That’s a helluva lot of art.

This special edition hardcover (along with QUEEN OF TEETH and OCTOBER ANIMALS) will be available for pre-order starting March 1st, 2021.

And that’s that for today. We thank you for reading! Check out some more originals from PULP TRASH below!

the cellar




from gods ass

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