Pre-orders for CHROMOPHOBIA Continue!

Every time a reader pre-orders CHROMOPHOBIA, an angel gets its wings.

It is January 7, 2022 and it is the first Friday of the new year. Been a mighty fine week, if we say so ourselves. We announced the author names being included in this year’s biggest Strangehouse Books release, CHROMOPHOBIA. The response was overwhelmingly positive, so we are planning to ride that high into the weekend. If you missed that announcement, we’ve included those authors at the bottom of this article.

In the meantime, we want to thank everyone who pre-ordered a copy of CHROMOPHOBIA this week! Every pre-order means the world to us. You can pre-order the hardcover special edition HERE.

CHROMOPHOBIA: A Strangehouse Anthology by Women in Horror will include works by the following authors:

Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito

Jo Kaplan

Sonora Taylor

J.B. Lamping

Jaye Wells

Lillah Lawson

Geneve Flynn

Ali Seay

Tiffany Morris

EV Knight

Pippa Bailey

Jess Koch

G.G. Silverman

Christine Makepeace

K.P. Kulski

Christa Wojciechowski

Chelsea Pumpkins

Red Lagoe

Lauren C. Teffeau

Kathryn McGee

KC Grifant

Jacqueline West

Bindia Persaud

Jeanne Bush

Nu Yang

CHROMOPHOBIA: A Strangehouse Anthology by Women in Horror will be released in a limited hardcover during the summer of 2022, with trade paperback releases scheduled for Halloween 2022.

We’ll have more articles about CHROMOPHOBIA, this month, mostly geared towards costs and production. Throughout March, we will be focusing on individual authors, their stories (and the titles), as well as artwork for the release. A full dust jacket wrap, interior art, and maybe a look at the cover art for the trade paperback! It’s going to be a busy March.

In the meantime!!!

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