Post-Stoker Roundup and a look at the TOC for Not All Monsters!

Well, the last couple years have seen a fair amount of ups and downs, but something mighty impressive will have to happen to surpass the thrill of seeing Sara Tantlinger win a Stoker Award for her book of poetry, The Devil’s Dreamland. You can read Sara’s own re-cap HERE at her website.

Just… holy smokes. There were tears and hugs and adult beverages. So many beverages.

DD Stoker

The award, if you’ve never seen one in person, is heavy enough to double as a weapon, should the need arise. And it has a little functioning door that opens to a very pretty and very polished plaque that names the award, the name of the work awarded, and the author. Very fun. Appropriately macabre, given the subject matter.

As well, we have begun shipping our limited edition, signed hardcover of The Devil’s Dreamland. We look forward to seeing this book in the hands of readers for years to come. No bias, of course.

DD mailer

But, we are always looking forward! And Rooster sees far into the future. Now that the celebration has come to pass, we look towards 2020 and 2021.

Right now, for 2021, Nicholas Day is leafing through manuscripts. Something like OFFICE SPACE by way of H.P. Lovecraft? Yes, indeed, that’s in the mix. Historical horror told through a lens of grounded fantasy? Oh, my, yes. Can we name these manuscripts? Not quite yet, but they will become known before the end of summer, no doubt.

Also, are we making a short list of possible editors for an as-yet-unnamed anthology? You bet! And let us tell you, this anthology ought to be pretty wild. You will hear about it. It will be inescapable. We all but guarantee this as fact. Prepare thy self… (ha, sorry, you can’t)

However, all these things in due time! Now, we begin the long road to 2020. Production begins on both Andrew James Stone’s The Ultimate Dinosaur Dance Off and the Not All Monsters anthology. And though announcements were made over social media channels, I do believe this is the first time the table of contents appears in its final order, including all titles and authors.

So, without further ado:



“Portrait of a Girl in Red and Yellow” by Joanna Roye

“The Miraculous Ones” by G.G. Silverman

“Parlor Tricks” by Stacey Bell

“Wasted” by Amy Easton

“Black Feathered Phlogiston” by K.P. Kulski

“Leather” by S.M. Ketcham

“Inked” by E.E. Florence

“The Good Will” by Briana McGuckin

“The Problem with Being a Monster” by Annie Neugebauer

“Midnight in the Garden of Life and Death” by Kayleigh Barber

“Pretty Little Vampires” by Sam Fleming

“Without a Face” by Hailey Piper

“Heart of the Lion” by J.H. Moncrieff

“This Can Happen to You” by Jessica McHugh

“A Certain Age” by Jennifer Loring

“The Revenge of Madeline Usher” by Joanna Koch

“Antifreeze and Sweet Peas” by Angela Sylvaine

“Cake” by J.C. Raye

“And Sweetest in the Gale is Heard” by Christa Carmen

“The Sugar Cane Sea” by Juliana Spink Mills

“Unfettered” by Leslie Wibberley


…should be one helluva book! We’ll have more to show off through the summer. Edits are being handled, now, and the full manuscript ought to come together in the Fall. Pre-orders will probably be ready by the end of the year. We are still considering a crowd-funding campaign, but those are a load of work all on their own, and we are getting quite comfortable steering this ship on our own.

That, as they say, is that. As always, stay tuned for further news regarding works in progress and upcoming acquisitions.

And be excellent to each other.

Rooster, out.

rooster man

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