OCTOBER ANIMALS Pre-order Continues!

Halloween Forever is coming at you in 2023 and we're ready for it!

The pre-order window for OCTOBER ANIMALS will remain open until June 2nd, 2023. Copies of OCTOBER ANIMALS ordered during the pre-order window will begin shipping out later that month. If there are remaining hardcover copies, once the pre-order window has closed, then they will be retained for future convention appearances and will not be available online!

That said, we are happy to see so many people picking up this release!

The “Art” edition is down to a single remaining copy. All other copies of this edition have been sold. “Pumpkin” is looking for a home, and we bet it’ll find one sooner than later. For folks that like classic Halloween imagery, “Pumpkin” is awfully pleasing to the eyes:

And, here’s a look at the other pieces of art appearing in OCTOBER ANIMALS:

Expressive, gorgeous work which only adds to the book’s Halloween atmosphere (and ought to look nice in a frame). Production has begun on this edition’s custom, one-of-a-kind wooden slipcases, each of which is being produced and fabricated in-house by Rooster Republic Press. These books will be signed by Nicholas Day, in addition to including one of the five original (not reproduction) illustrations by Daniele Serra. This edition retails for $200.00 (incl. shipping & handling). Additional swag, like stickers and bookmarks, will be included.

This edition is first come, first serve and, if you would like to order “Pumpkin,” then you must contact us directly: roosterrepublicpress@gmail.com.Please include the name of your choice in the subject line!

There are several remaining copies of the “Lettered” and “Numbered” editions, and if you would like to pre-order either of those, then you can purchase via this LINK. There are, as of this writing, only 21 “Lettered” editions still available. We expect that these will sell out over the course of the pre-order window period.

Nicholas Day will have copies of OCTOBER ANIMALS at AuthorCon 2 in March and, hopefully, at StokerCon in June. No other appearances are currently scheduled for 2023. Copies retained for 2023 convention appearances will not be physically signed by the author (a signed bookplate will be included) and these copies will not be offered via the pre-order.

We hope everyone had an excellent Halloween and, for those who celebrate all year, we hope you’re keeping it spooky! Thanks for reading, and thanks so very much for your support!


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