OCTOBER ANIMALS Paperback Release Date; CHROMOPHOBIA On Kindle For 99c; GRIND YOUR BONES TO DUST reprint

Limited editions, upcoming paperback releases, and a chance to grab a Stoker-nominated title for under a buck!

Lettered and numbered OCTOBER ANIMALS hardcovers are still available HERE and copies have begun shipping! Early word of mouth has been especially kind. You can find OCTOBER ANIMALS on Goodreads HERE.

If you are interested in an unsigned hardcover, we are offering those for $45 and you can purchase those below.



This hardcover edition is 6×9 inches with a page count of 90. The cover features a title treatment in gold gloss foil. There is NO dust jacket. Orange endsheets open and close the book. Includes “Read Horror” bookmark/card. Shipping ASAP.


The OCTOBER ANIMALS paperback is scheduled for an April 30th release and will retail for $14.95. The book will be available to order through bookstores, libraries, as well as Amazon dot com! There is no planned e-book release at this time.

Meanwhile, CHROMOPHOBIA Kindle edition is still available for 99c via Amazon. We will keep the book at 99c until voting for the Stoker Awards wraps up, so expect the book to return to its $14.95 retail price on or around March 15th. You can grab CHROMOPHOBIA HERE.

And, finally, GRIND YOUR BONES TO DUST is getting a reprint! The book will return to paperback in June, and will feature a new introduction. There will be a very, very limited hardcover edition that we will be shipping later this year. This edition will feature Daniele Serra’s original artwork on the front and back. Title and author name will only be featured on the spine. We do not have a finished wrap for this edition to show you, as of this writing, because the hardcover edition is still in production. The hardcover edition will retail for $45. We are going to open this up to pre-orders now.




Hardcover limited edition with dust jacket. Exclusive bonus material TBA. Signed by the author.


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