OCTOBER ANIMALS: “Art Edition” Update

A little peek into the production process

Today is Friday, May 19th, and we wanted to give a quick update on the “Art Edition” of OCTOBER ANIMALS. This edition was limited to 5 units, each unique with design work corresponding to one of the book’s interior illustrations (courtesy of the extraordinarily talented Daniele Serra). There was a bit of R&D going into this project, as all this has been done in-house by Rooster Republic, so production has been longer than our previous limited-edition releases.

As you can see, we worked on some prototype pieces before wrapping the finished reproductions this last week. Prototypes are represented by the top three boards. The bottom five are the finalized pieces. Next week, we will begin staining these and, then, assembling them.

Each edition comes with one of the original pieces of interior art. We have also created protective slips for these illustrations, and they are designed to fit within the oversized wooden slipcase alongside the book itself.

Here you can see the initial prototype for the slip. The finalized slips still have protective masking on them to protect from smudges, scratches, and unsightly fingerprints!

Overall, we think this project has definitely been worth the time and effort. Once these are completed, we will be sure to share them with you!

As always, thank you for reading and for your support!


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