NOT ALL MONSTERS arrives early! CRADLELAND OF PARASITES on the way! A sale on COVER ART! AND… we spill some beans about Christmas.


Ah, best laid plans! They always go EXACTLY how you want them to. And, yes, that’s sarcasm you are detecting. We wanted to offer up a Halloween surprise and make NOT ALL MONSTERS and CRADLELAND OF PARASITES available early for those of you looking for something to settle in and read over Halloween, and… well…

We kinda-sorta got there!

NOT ALL MONSTERS is now available in trade paperback via Amazon! Hooray! A little birdie told us the anthology made it to the Stoker Recommended Reading list and we couldn’t be more pleased. This book is really great, and a labor of love. We hope you enjoy it!

CRADLELAND OF MONSTERS hit a hiccup of the technical sort, so we are still waiting for it to go live. HOWEVER, we expect Tantlinger’s excellent book of poetry to be available in the next day or two, and we’ll definitely post a follow-up as soon as it is. Like NOT ALL MONSTERS, we think CRADLELAND is a must-have release for horror fans, every bit as good (if not better!) than her Bram Stoker-Award winner, THE DEVIL’S DREAMLAND. There’s simply not anything quite like this collection.

Cradleland media jacket

So, in addition to releasing some stellar reading material, this week, we are also having a sale on cover art in celebration of Halloween. I mean, let’s face it, while we have created lots of covers, we are first and foremost a horror-driven company.


These premades normally start at $100, so this is a pretty steep discount, and it will probably be the last sale we have on our design services until Spring 2021. If you’re looking to grab a great cover at a really affordable price, then now is the time to pick one up. You can go to our “Design Services” page and scroll down to see our Tier 1 covers. There’s loads to choose from, including pieces like these:

there are gardens in the walls SITE


the isle v2

Again, check out the page and take a look! This runs for the rest of the week.

Finally, we want to come clean with you. Yes, NOT ALL MONSTERS is available right now. And yes, CRADLELAND OF PARASITES will be available very, very soon. Our third 2020 release, FAIREST FLESH, is on the way in December. All told, if you wanted all three releases, then you’re looking at $50+ if you buy each separately. BUT… what if we told you that you can get ALL THREE titles in December for only $37.99?

Honestly? That is a damned good deal. And it can be yours if you follow this link.

We’d be crazy not to push this offer. Our goal, after all, is to serve as a platform for up-and-comers and breakout writers, and the best way to do that is to get books in hands. This deal helps writers, and it helps us, and that is just about the best Christmas gift you can get for creatives, this year.

So, onwards and upwards. And thanks for reading!




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