New Stock art and Now Introducing Premium Packages

It occurred to me that it might be real nice to have a package available for authors who want more than just a book cover version of their product. I’ve done a lot of book shows in my life, and it’s always cool to see a book’s eye catching art as a poster, or buttons, or stickers. A lot of my latest work has been built at larger sizes , so last night, I went ahead and split our Pre-Made Section in our Design Services into two categories – Premium and Standard. The initial purchase for an ebook/jacket is exactly the same for both categories, but the Premium covers can be expanded to 11×17 inch posters and various other larger merchandise like shirts, banners, etc. etc.

If you are buying a Premium cover, it is not required to expand the package and spend the extra cash. It simply just gives you the option.

Premium and Standard can both be made into smaller items like book marks, stickers, ads, and buttons for an extra charge, but the Standard covers cannot really go up in size because they will distort and lose quality. The Premium package begins at an extra $150, and will provide the author/publisher with a hi-rez file with the book cover and its text. You are not just buying a poster version of your book, but essentially buying the rights to resale this poster as your own merchandise, and keep the profit all to yourself. Each item beyond that will be a smaller charge – items like buttons, stickers, ads, and book marks for example – are easy to retrofit and begin at $25 per item. Some items will need to be discussed because time and difficulty can be a thing. If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out to us at

Now let’s take a look at the two new covers – The Ritual, a Premium, and Bladepunk, a Standard cover.

Don Noble is an artist and writer for Rooster Republic Press. He is the author of Beer Run of the Dead and Scary Fucking Stories, an animator, and is still pretty new to twitter. You can find him at-

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