New Pre-Made Covers and Merch

Available in our Pre-Made Cover section, these pieces are priced in our Tier Two section of preconstructed covers at $200 each. Each cover in this section includes fonts/text and a kindle dimension ebook cover, and can be expanded to print jackets for an additional $25. Other design expansion options like bookmarks and audio book covers are also available.

Need to order a piece or have a custom cover designed? Contact us at

And in our Tier One section of Pre-made Covers, priced at $100 (expand it to a full print jacket for $25), we have a few more offerings – 

We’re also really excited to show you one of our next areas of expansion – taking our art from just book covers and placing it on your wall AND MORE. 

We’re proud to present a couple high quality framed posters and a giant canvas print. These in particular come from our Bram Stoker Award Finalist anthology NOT ALL MONSTERS. Just click the pics to check them out fully in the shop. 

Or check out the whole catalog HERE. 

But wait! There’s more! Phone cases! Click HERE to see the entire catalog (more coming soon).

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