Liquid Status: Author Q&A

Bradley Sands’ novelette, Liquid Status, is finally here and it is a really wonderful read for fans of both Bradley and surreal literature in general.

Bradley’s previous works include Dodgeball High and Sorry I Ruined Your Orgy, and he is the creator of Rico Slade, a character that’s shown up in books and short stories, most recently in Rooster’s anthology Tall Tales With Short Cocks 5.

And if you won’t take my opinion regarding Liquid Status, then here’s what Brian Evenson had to say about it:

“This reads like what might happen if Freud and the Joker collaborated on a rewrite of Blake Butler’s There Is No Year. A weird and swerving book that nonetheless says a lot about the hidden dynamics of families.”

Read on for the Q&A with Bradley…

First, feel free to give a little background on yourself and your own written work.

Liquid Status is my seventh book. I write black humor stuff. My new book is a little more restrained in that regard, but the black humor is still a significant part of it.

What authors, if any, do you find inspirational?

None, I don’t really like reading books anymore. I assume it has something to do with my writer’s block.

What drew you to writing?

It may be the only thing I’m good at. As far as prose writing, I started out wanting to break into the comic book industry. After a while, I figured out prose writing was a lot more inexpensive to do when it came to describing the images in my head (since I can’t draw, so I would otherwise need to pay for comic art).

Is there a book or movie that everyone hates, but you love?

Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2

Are there any authors whose works you wished were more widely read?

My friends, but only if they’re really good.

What kills a video game for you?

When it’s too hard since I totally suck at video games. Unless it’s a hard puzzle game that’s fun and makes me feel like a genius for a minute in exchange for hours and hours of feeling dumb as shit. With action games, which I don’t play very often, I always choose the easy option if given the choice.

What projects are you currently working on?

None, but thinking about writing a long surreal prose poem about a superhero named Capeman maybe.

Favorite video game ever (top 3 if narrowing it down to a single game is too hard)?

Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle, Braid, Stardew Valley

Thin crust, pan, or deep-dish pizza?



Here is a link to the print edition

And here is a link to the Kindle edition


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