Kyle Wright’s IN CONTROL (Bizarro Pulp Press, 2021)

Hope you're ready for a mindf*ck!

Monday, July 19th, and we are going to take a look at another title from 2021’s Bizarro Pulp Press lineup.

Kyle Wright’s IN CONTROL is a tightly wound descent into madness, maybe a personal Hell, with just a touch of body horror, and a heaping helping of unreliable narrator. The slim novella is Wright’s first publication (to our immediate knowledge), which suits us just fine, as Bizarro Pulp Press has served as a springboard for many up-and-comers.

And, we think the cover to this one really reflects the narrative…


Katherine is an average twenty-something with all the usual stress and anxiety: school; money; her soul-crushing job. But something else plagues her. It is as if something is lurking … inside her.

Strange hallucinations, slips of reality, and dangerous urges drive her to the edge of sanity. No one believes her, from doctors to her own closest friends, and as she begins to research, a horrific answer looms closer than she can expect.

Katherine is caught in a paranoid thriller.

Katherine is experiencing full-blown body horror.

Katherine is …


This is a solid debut from a promising up-and-comer. Check it out when it goes live! We look forward to hearing what readers think of this one.

Street date: September 24th.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget …

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