J.B. Rockwell’s CRIMSON KING (Bizarro Pulp Press, 2021)

Mutant bull terrorizes a nice kid and his grandparents in this unnerving story.

It is Monday, July 26th, and that means it is time to look at the fourth and final of 2021’s Bizarro Pulp Press releases.

Casey knew there was something wrong with the Bimiangus the moment he laid eyes on it. He just didn’t know how wrong until the cows started disappearing, and the farmer who owned it turned up dead. Now the bull with the dodgy pedigree—rumored to be the result of government experimentation, which explains the size of it, the stink of it, the glowing, toxic green eyes—stands accused of murder. But it’s got one more target before it goes down: Casey—a ten-year-old boy who never wanted to be on this farm in the first place.

“…glorious in its batshitness…” !!! How’s that for a blurb!

J.B. Rockwell’s CRIMSON KING is our Halloween treat to you, dear readers. A mad-monster tale with a truly creepy beastie, and a young protagonist for who you will really worry. And then, you will really worry. But, this is a “NO Spoiler” zone. We will leave it up to you to find out the particulars.

And, J.B. Rockwell may be new to Bizarro Pulp Press, but she’s authored several books prior to this gnarly little horror story. She is the author of three novels in the Serengeti series from Severed Press: SERENGETI; DARK AND STARS; HECATE. Severed Press also recently released her stand-alone novel, FORGOTTEN STARS & DISTANT SEAS. You can find all of these HERE.

CRIMSON KING street date is currently October 29th.

This wraps up our mid-year look at Bizarro Pulp Press titles. We will be sure to notify you when these books are available for pre-order and when they are live for retail purchase.

Next week, we will officially be in the month of August. Personally, we can barely fathom July, let alone August. But, we can pump the brakes just as much as we’d like, this train doesn’t seem to be stopping.

Thanks for reading, as always!


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