It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

tongue firmly in cheek, here

It’s Monday, December 20th, 2021. The year is nearly over, though I am not sure one could really tell. Much of life has felt like a perpetual March of 2020, like a fucked version of GROUNDHOG DAY. We had a lot of plans back in 2019, and we’ve basically sat back and watched as each and every one of those plans got loaded into a potato gun and blasted into the sun. Feels good, man.

Some of that stuff we had planned? Completely dead fantasies, now. But, there are some ideas that will eventually come to fruition. We don’t plan on revealing anything, right now, but 2022 will see us announcing changes. Changes, I might add, that we believe to be for the better.

Overall, we can’t complain too much about 2021. QUEEN OF TEETH happened and that was a goddamned delight. Next year’s delight will undoubtedly be CHROMOPHOBIA. We are really, really looking forward to dragging that book out of the void and shoving it right into your eyeballs. As well, both Don Noble and Nicholas Day have long-gestating book projects that will come out in 2022. And there are some quality titles launching from Bizarro Pulp Press, which we will start getting into over the month of February.

But, what about these last days of the year? Well, there are royalties to be paid, stories to purchase, and editing to pay for. That will pretty much eat up this week and next. We will be posting through this week, but next week will be radio silence, and then we will resume regular posts on Monday, January 3rd, 2022.

So, here’s to the week ahead, and to the holidays, and to dreams and to the work ahead of all of us and to what we hope is a better year.

As always, thanks for reading and thank you for your continued support.

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