How About A Nice, Big Flex For International Women’s Day

Let these women kill you with talent!

It’s International Women’s Day!

To celebrate, we wanted to take you on a quick trip down memory lane…

In 2017, we published Sara Tantlinger’s debut poetry collection, LOVE FOR SLAUGHTER. The book is great, and we suspect it served as an entry point for many readers finding themselves curious about Horror Poetry. The title remains popular, because it is awesome. You can grab a copy HERE.

In 2018, Tantlinger followed up her debut with an absolute banger of a poetry collection, THE DEVIL’S DREAMLAND. The book was a big hit, and went on to win a Stoker. DREAMLAND remains a popular title, winning over new fans every year since its release. If you have even a passing interest in Horror Poetry, then do yourself a favor and grab a copy HERE.

In 2020, we collaborated with Tantlinger to produce NOT ALL MONSTERS, because we wanted to flex on sad dudes. And we did! The book was nominated for a Stoker and remains a popular title for us. You can pick up this excellent collection HERE.

In 2021, we released K.P. Kulski’s debut, FAIREST FLESH. The book made the Stoker prelims and, in our opinion, it should’ve made the final ballot. The title did find itself nominated for a LoHF Award for “Best Debut” and remains a popular book in our back catalogue. You can (and should!) grab a copy HERE.

CRADLELAND OF PARASITES was Tantlinger’s follow-up collection to THE DEVIL’S DREAMLAND and it is as good, if not better, in our humble opinion. This title was another Stoker award-nominated release. CRADLELAND remains a popular title well after its release. You can grab a copy HERE.

In 2021, we released Hailey Piper’s debut novel, QUEEN OF TEETH, a body-horror romance unlike any other. The title released to rave reviews within the indie-horror community and from platforms like Kirkus Reviews, Rue Morgue, and Library Journal. The debut grabbed not only a Stoker nomination, but a win, as well. Get a copy HERE.

Last year, we once again collaborated with Sara Tantlinger to produce CHROMOPHOBIA, a follow-up anthology to NOT ALL MONSTERS. Yet another title released to stellar reviews and strong sales. And, the book has recently been nominated for a Stoker Award in their anthology category. You can pick up a copy HERE.

So, there you go! Six year’s worth of releases, and almost every title has either been nominated for an award, recognized by the community or won a Stoker. Not too shabby for little ol’ Rooster Republic and Strangehouse Press.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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