Have You Picked Up QUEEN OF TEETH? Do You Read Sutter Cane?

It's QUEEN OF TEETH'S world, we just live in it

Hello! Would ya lookit that! QUEEN OF TEETH has been out in trade paperback for almost two solid weeks, and it looks like Amazon has already gotten some reviews. We bet Goodreads has registered some reviews but we don’t really go over there too much. Here, wait, hold on…

Yep, Google says QUEEN OF TEETH is there and has several reviews logged. Very nice! The newest print issue of Kirkus is out, too, and has a nice feature on Hailey Piper’s latest.

You can order a copy of QUEEN OF TEETH from your favorite bookstore, or you can find the book online HERE.

And, don’t forget, if you loved the book, then pick up a t-shirt or sticker and rep the summer’s best body-horror, kaiju thriller featuring danger lesbians. You can grab something from our shop HERE.

Always a great feeling seeing a new book out in the world, getting into people’s hands! Thanks so much for the support, folks. Means the absolute world to us.


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