GOD’S LEFTOVERS by Grant Wamack: Cover Reveal; Preview; Street Date

Sex Magic, Old Gods, and Rap Stars. Oh my!

It is Monday, February 14th, and you can consider this post a Valentine from us to you!

Today, we are showcasing the third Bizarro Pulp Press title of 2022, Grant Wamack’s GOD’S LEFTOVERS. You can read our previous showcases HERE and HERE.

Now, let’s take a look at the cover to GOD’S LEFTOVERS, shall we?

Another wild cover from Don Noble, and it’s a good match for a truly wild read.

What if Robert Altman decided to take a stab at something like THE HILLS HAVE EYES and the soundtrack was released by No Limit Records? Or, if we’re strictly talking books, what if the Jack Ketchum cannibal clan of OFF SEASON took psychedelics and got into brutal sex magic? What you’d have is something mean, with twists and turns you aren’t going to see coming, and altogether very Wamack.

GOD’S LEFTOVERS sees Grant returning to Bizarro Pulp Press with his first solo title since A LIGHTBULB’S LAMENT in 2014. And, no lie, it is nice to have him back in the writer’s seat.

Here’s a little snippet, a glance at one member of the ensemble cast Wamack has assembled, just before shit really hits the fan:

Fishing a lighter out of his back pocket, he lit the joint. He inhaled and blew out a thick plume of smoke. A few more tokes and he already felt better. The tension melted away from his body and his head felt lighter than before.

He glanced down at his shoes to assess how much damage the desert terrain had done. The gritty sand scuffed the hell out of his four-hundred-dollar kicks, the coveted Yeezy Boosts, but he stopped caring about the condition of his soles when he noticed the small drops of blood glistening on the asphalt.

He took a long draw from his joint, enjoying the small moment of static pleasure before dealing with the bullshit at hand. It had been a long day of filming, an even longer drive, but the sight of blood stretched it out to dizzying lengths.

What the hell happened? He smelled trouble and played with the idea of dipping out the Valley, but he didn’t want to leave his friend alone in the desert. Scotty was aggravating at times, but he always came through when needed most and loyalty was becoming a rare quality these days.

Time to put in some work, he thought grimly and stubbed out the finished joint. Ashes embedded in the asphalt like a distorted sigil.

Korey grabbed the heater from the backseat, tucking the worn 9mm ruger pistol into his waistband and headed off into the desert, following the trail of blood.

Wamack packs a lot into his novella. If you are a fan of grindhouse and the early, gnarly works of Wes Craven or the cannibal ferocity of Jack Ketchum, then you’re going to dig what’s brought to the table in GOD’S LEFTOVERS.

This title will likely see an August release. A hot book for a hot month. Seems fitting to us!

Next Monday, we will take a look at the fourth BPP title for 2022. Thanks for reading!


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