FAIREST FLESH Street Date and Cover Reveal, and More

The street date for the trade paperback of FAIREST FLESH has been moved out by about a month and change. The title is now expected to release on December 1st, 2020 (instead of October 31st). The reason for this is simple: MARKETING.

FAIREST FLESH is a debut novel, and Rooster Republic/Strangehouse Books is as indie as it gets, all things considered, so in order to give this book the best release possible, we opted to move the release date to accommodate more time for lead-in marketing. Mostly, this translates to us getting the book into the hands of more reviewers, which we have been grinding away at for the better part of this week. And we’re rolling the dice on some bigger venues because, frankly, we believe this book deserves all the eyes we can get on it.

So far, we’ve sent the book to [REDACTED], as well as super popular and highly visible places like [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. Will they bite? WHO KNOWS?!

And that, folks, is the magic of publishing. You just don’t know. Until you do.

All we can say is that FAIREST FLESH is a helluva book, likely a contender come awards season… as long as it gets to readers. That said, we are thrilled to be able to show off the front cover for the trade paperback release. Check it out and let us know what you think. And SHARE! Please, feel free to share to the ends of the earth. Thanks, in advance.

fairest flesh standard cover

And maybe this is sneaky to drop way down here at the bottom of an article, but we wanted to give a small update concerning the special editions of FAIREST FLESH and CRADLELAND OF PARASITES.

Currently, both special editions (FAIREST FLESH and CRADLELAND OF PARASITES) are still available through us, HOWEVER, these special editions will no longer be available online after September 30th. We will only make these available in very limited quantities at in-person appearances (whenever we start having those again), so if you’re thinking of picking up a copy, then you know the cut-off date.

The special edition of NOT ALL MONSTERS will remain available for online purchase.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for reading. You’re the best.



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