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FAIREST FLESH trade paperback now on Amazon! Get it while it’s hawt!

This book is already sitting on the Bram Stoker Award’s “Recommended Reading” list, so it is safe to say that the debut novel already has its fans, and we sincerely hope that list of people grows. K.P. Kulski really hit it out of the proverbial park with this harrowing fairy tale, mixing historic horrors and bloody fantasy. An excellent first novel just waiting for an audience, and we couldn’t be happier to have helped put this book out into the world.

Poison apples, dangerous attractions, witches, and madness. We feel this book has lots of crossover appeal, as much for fans of Angela Carter (THE BLOODY CHAMBER) as it is for readers of Erik Larson (DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY). We expect this one to be on lots of folk’s radar, and… if you’re a subscriber to Night Worms? Well, we aren’t gonna say you should be excited for their December package, but we’re not not gonna say that.

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