Enjoy the Heck Outta Yer Weekend

It's a CHAINSAW weekend, I guess

Look, it is Friday, February 18th, and there’s not a whole lot for us to write about today. Netflix loaded up a TEXAS CHAIN SAW film, and I doubt it can be any better/worse than the other 8 or 9 entries, so if you’re feeling froggy, then jump. Seems to me (Nick, specifically) that the new film riffs heavily on the recent HALLOWEEN entries, as far as how to beat a horse that’s been dead for a long, long time. The filmmakers did get Colin Stetson(!) to do the score, so it will certainly sound nice. And, admittedly, the cinematography looks very good. I’ll watch it once the kiddo goes to bed for the night.

But, you know what a new TEXAS CHAIN SAW film being released really makes me want to do? Finally crack open Stephen Graham Jones’s MY HEART IS A CHAINSAW. I hear nothing but good things, and I like good things.

All I ask is that you find your “good thing” and then enjoy the hell out of it.

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