Double Whammy! New Premade Book Covers And The SALE Goes On!

Every Wednesday we add new premade covers to our stock, but this week we’re doubling up. Usually, I take the weekends off to get away from the computer, from books and art and social media. This weekend, however, I had the urge to knock out a bunch of premade covers to get a jump on the week, only to get in a wreck on my way home. Deer totaled the vehicle. No one was hurt but what an excellent time suck to throw off the schedule. WHEEEEE. So!

Available in our Pre-Made Cover section, this piece is priced in our Tier Two section of preconstructed covers starting at $200. Each cover can be expanded with fonts/text, print jackets, and more. Other design expansion options like bookmarks and audio book covers are also available.

Need to order a piece or have a custom cover designed?

Contact us at and head over to our Design Services page for more info on the process.

Keep reading! New Tier One covers have been added!


Everything in the Tier One section of premade covers is just $25 until December 31st of 2021. TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS. WHAT? That’s right!

There are some new exciting shakeups ahead as I push into new skills for the upcoming year, and it’s real simple – I need to clear out some inventory and I’m going to let those covers go for dirt cheap.

So, anything in the Tier One section (Found HERE) is just $25 for the image only – the image will come as a hi-rez file set at whatever print dimensions you need (5×8 inch or 6×9 inch etc. etc.) and a complimentary kindle dimension file as well. Keep in mind, this is the image only, if you need other services like text or jackets, those services are available and priced below.

Need fonts/text for the cover? $25.
Need a full print wrap/jacket? $25.
Audiobook cover? $25

As always, I want to thank the horror community for this entire experience as a cover artist. I can exist because you exist. It’s been a dream to work in books and in art for as long as I can remember, so thank you!

Email us at if you have any questions.

Some new additions to the Tier One section.

Missed the previous pre-made posts? Here are some examples-

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