“Don’t Tell Them They Gave A Bram Stoker Award To A Vagina Monster Book” -Hailey Piper, Stoker-award Winning Author of A VAGINA MONSTER BOOK

On second thought, tell EVERYBODY. Sing it from the mountain tops!

What a lovely weekend!

Today is Monday, May 16th, and it seems that Hailey Piper has gone and won herself an award for “Superior Achievement in a First Novel” over the weekend. Yes, that’s right, QUEEN OF TEETH is now a Stoker-award winning Strangehouse title. We couldn’t be happier for Piper and her lovely, gay AF body-horror kaiju romance.

But, we did warn you, after all! All the way back in May of last year, as a matter of fact. In an article highlighting last year’s Stoker noms (CRADLELAND OF PARASITES and NOT ALL MONSTERS) and our CHROMOPHOBIA submissions announcement, we snuck in the following:

“In other news, the QUEEN OF TEETH hardcover pre-order window is quickly coming to a close. After June, the book will be OUT OF PRINT, and there will be no way to grab a copy unless one pops up on the secondary market. And let us tell you, we can all but guarantee some of you will wish you’d grabbed a copy when it gets nominated for a Stoker next year. BOLD CLAIM. But we’d throw down good money that we’re right. Hell, we’d throw down some bad money, too.”

To be fair, the claim wasn’t that bold. We believed in QUEEN OF TEETH from the very beginning. From the first time we read through the manuscript, we knew the book was special. The job of a publisher, though, is to convince other people that a book is special.

We pushed the book when and where we could, and we were very lucky to be working with an author who had no shortage of support, and not just from the horror community, but the wider publishing community, as well. Not only did Piper’s book win praises from the likes of Cemetery Dance and Rue Morgue Magazine, but it received “star reviews” from platforms like Kirkus Reviews and Library Journal.

So, consider us chuffed to see Hailey Piper get her Stoker. She wrote a helluva book, one which we were lucky enough to publish. We sincerely look forward to what comes next.

Congratulations to all the winners and the nominees. Hopefully, next year, we will be in attendance and celebrating right along with you.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for the support.


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