Don Noble’s OMENS and Nicholas Day’s OCTOBER ANIMALS

Two 2021 release move to Winter 2022 and we hope you still love us...

We wanted to be sure and mention this, since we’ve had people ask. Both OMENS (Don Noble’s art-heavy fiction/poetry collection) and OCTOBER ANIMALS (Nicholas Day’s novella) have both been moved to 2022. Our apologies for making you wait!

Moving both titles to 2022 just made sense. Distribution is a mess right now. Much of what we were looking at doing, like placing an offset order with international printers, started looking less and less likely, to a point where we have had to rethink our interior production on OMENS (as well as CHROMOPHOBIA). Much of this will probably end up being for the best, all things considered.

Beyond that, personal matters outside the world of Rooster Republic Press became too big and unwieldy and we ended up losing lots and lots of time late in the summer. Much of this is spilling into the early fall. Regular, day-to-day operations won’t be possible until sometime in November. After that, we should be back on track!

But, as we said, these events have collided in such a way as to seriously disrupt our work flow, so releases meant for this fall are now being moved to the upcoming winter months. Once things have calmed down our end, we will post new release dates for both titles.

We expect to announce new release dates in December.

Thanks for reading and thanks for the support!

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