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Do you need reliable help and quality cover art for your project? We can help bring your book to life without breaking your bank.  Be it a single Kindle cover, a full paperback jacket,  ads, stickers, posters, book marks, or even interior formatting, there isn’t much we can’t do when it comes to your art needs at an affordable price. Don’t believe us? Scroll through any of our catalogs, or check the pre-made and completed commissions section below to see dozens of examples and different styles of books we’ve already published.

We offer graphic design, illustration, and pre-made covers (see below) all purchasable via PayPal.

For more information, or if you’d like to hire us, please email us at

You’ll be working in direct contact with our artist who will walk through the process with you, showing you progress and making adjustments to bring your idea to life. Please keep in mind that the graphic design prices are low for a simple reason – we can work incredibly fast in that area (especially around straight forward concepts), but if the idea of your book cover consists of a dozen characters, that will increase our time and price. Also, we highly recommend that you do not put a dozen characters on your book cover.

Graphic Design  Prices for Custom Work

Kindle cover/cover only – $150 (includes all text/fonts). Can be expanded to a full print jacket for an extra $25. The bottom of this page contains many of our custom commissions, but here are a few examples –

Illustration Prices

$25  an hour – Since illustrating is more labor intensive, the prices are higher. The difference being a matter of a couple hours using graphic design to perhaps 3-10 plus hours for an illustration (depending on the piece of course). We can also set a price at the beginning, to make sure you do not go over your budget.

Video and Animation Services

We also offer video and animation services for music and book trailers like the recent music video for Witch Mountain below. This particular style of animation is $100 per minute of video. If you have any questions or are interested in animation/video work, feel free to email us at

Premium Pre-made Cover packages

 $100 (text/fonts included) for an ebook version. We can also expand these into full jackets for an extra $25, text included. They can also be expanded to audio book covers for $25-50 (some covers require extra work to fit the new dimensions).

$150 extra for the hi-rez 11×17 inch poster version. Perfect for the author/publisher who does book shows and events, or has online merch shops. The difference between these covers and our standard pre-mades is that they are constructed at much larger sizes, allowing them to become 11×17 inch posters for promotional purposes and resale by the author/publisher. You are buying the rights to sale the poster version of your book along with a hi-rez file that includes the book cover and text for an extra $150. You’ll keep all the profits from these poster sales. Since these images are constructed at larger sizes, it also makes them perfect for t-shirts, banners, and various other merchandise. If you would like to me to fit them to other materials (for an extra charge per item – prices vary so it will need to be discussed via email for these other items), please feel free to contact us with any questions at



Pre-made Covers for Sale

All the covers listed below are $100 (text/fonts included).

We can also expand these into full jackets for an extra $25, text included. To purchase, email us at and let us know what cover you would like or if you’d like something custom. A PayPal account is required.

These items can also be manipulated into book marks, ads, stickers, buttons, and various other items for an extra charge per item.




Recently  sold and commissioned projects