Darksome Craft Market

Retail therapy for the horror crowd!

It is Friday, February 4th, and we are heading into the weekend looking forward to browsing the Darksome Art & Craft Market. The market is virtual, so no trip further from you than the internet! Well over 100 different artists and craftspeople are represented at Darksome, and the event lasts from today (the 4th) through the 6th (that’d be Sunday).

You can shop HERE.

You can see the event schedule HERE.

You can watch virtual booths HERE.

Full disclosure: Rooster Republic Press has no affiliation with Darksome Craft Market. We just think it’s a great event and we can feel the money in our proverbial pockets burning as we scroll through the vendors! We hope you check it out.

Thanks to Sara Tantlinger for bringing this to our attention!

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