CRADLELAND trade paperback cover, a new release, and saying goodbye to summer

This year has been a Living Hell, but some damned fine work has reared its head.

Case in point, Sara Tantlinger’s CRADLELAND OF PARASITES, which becomes available in a trade paperback edition on Halloween. And, in the spirit of the impending “Spooky Season” we present to you the full wrap for her latest dive into darkness.

Hope you enjoy…

Cradleland media jacket

Personally, we couldn’t be happier with the results. And if you think the cover looks good, then just you wait till you read the words inside. Beautiful stuff in these pages, no bias.

And, this week sees the official release of Karl Fischer’s LEVELS, from Bizarro Pulp Press and Journalstone. It’s a killer book. But don’t take our word for it! Get thee to an Amazon page and see for yourself. We are pleased as punch to see a Bizarro title like LEVELS get reviewed in Publishers Weekly, and we sincerely hope fans of the genre take note. Here’s a little clip from the review on their site:

“Fischer’s skillfully crafted plot not only twists and turns, but doubles back on itself through a series of temporal shifts as it weaves between alternate realities. Quirky, intellectual, and just a little dark, this fun genre-mashup is a delight.”

And if Amazon isn’t your bag, then you can always grab LEVELS direct from Journalstone!

So, that brings us to our denouement, the end of a summer that mostly wasn’t…

September is the last month you will be able to purchase the special editions of CRADLELAND OF PARASITES and FAIREST FLESH.

Only 100 copies of CRADLELAND’s special edition are being printed, with some being held back for future convention appearances (whenever we have those again), so that leaves well under half of that amount currently available for online purchase. Grab it before it’s gone!

FAIREST FLESH isn’t so much capped by number as it is by time. Like CRADLELAND, FLESH won’t be available online after September, though we will have set aside a very small number for future convention appearances. The hardcover is an absolutely beautiful edition, maybe the most handsome book we’ve produced, thus far.

Both editions retail for $50 (including shipping within the United States).

International orders can be purchased, but first class international service is an additional $30.

Payments can be made via PayPal:


If you do not use PayPal and wish to order from us, contact us via email ( to discuss other arrangements.


And that is that, for now. We should have something to show off, very soon, for John Bruni’s forthcoming collection from Bizarro Pulp Press and Journalstone. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading.



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