CRADLELAND OF PARASITES Nominated For “Best Poetry Collection” By Ladies Of Horror Fiction

Sara Tantlinger’s CRADLELAND OF PARASITES has been nominated for “Best Poetry Collection” by the Ladies of Horror Fiction. It’s been a real treat seeing all the love this title has gotten since its release, last year. In addition to this latest nomination, CRADLELAND was previously nominated for a Stoker and is also a current nominee for an Elgin. So, congratulations to Sara Tantlinger! And, congratulations to all the authors nominated!

You can see all the nominees and their respective collections HERE.

If you haven’t yet read CRADLELAND OF PARASITES, then pick up a copy HERE.

Or, ask for CRADLELAND (or any of the other collections) at your local bookstore or library!

(never a bad time to share the full dust jacket to the now out-of-print hardcover)

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